autobi-MYTH-ography chronicling her divorce
in the Caribbean.  She says,"my imagination
kept surprising me with stories based on my
experiences which colorfully wove together
Amanda's, my heroine's, new  strengths as an
opportunity to grow, evolve and re-create her
life.”  Edith chose to write “SUDDENLY SINGLE
ISLAND STYLE” in 2001 and in 2003 began
conducting divorce recovery seminars using the
book as a manual.  Her clients are thrilled with
a story to relate their life struggles to as they
participate in individual and small group
“divorce recovery” sessions.  This additional
perspective helps her clients forge a path
through their own heartache.  By extracting the
wisdom and the gifts inside the pain of
separation and loss, Edith helps clients
ultimately use the wisdom and gifts to create a
truly extraordinary life.

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A must-read for anyone who has ever been BETRAYED

Amanda Cleveland Browne has the life she always dreamed of. A beautiful, artsy American expatriate, she lives on a tropical
island and swims every day in the nurturing Caribbean Sea. Then her husband’s betrayal shatters this idyll. Only through
honesty and introspection can Amanda regain her foothold and embrace unknown terrain.  Helped along the way by eccentric,
wise and loving inhabitants of her adopted islands, Amanda turns her divorce into a stepping stone to a new wondrous life. Her
story is a beacon of hope to anyone who has ever been betrayed.  

“Suddenly Single Island Style touches your soul as a woman spills her heart out over a love lost.”
—Mathilda Augustine, psychotherapist, London, England

“This delightful adventure speaks to how a change of heart can be the biggest change of all. As we embrace our deepest
longings for love, we discover it is our very essence.”
—Kim Kluesner, LCSW, behavioral health therapist/consultant, Galena, Illinois

"An inspiring story of how ones perception of life's stability can be shattered and rebuilt through a journey of vulnerability.
Entertaining, Encouraging, Lively. Fun! Zany. Effortless read!"
— Dr. Korrin Begy, Peoria, Illlinois

“Three friends and I gather weekly using Edith’s novel as a manual for our own recovery from betrayal.
It inspires our upward spiral of hope and creativity.”
—Alyson Stokes, artist, Ubud, Bali

"Divorce in the tropics can be a tragi-comedy where bizarre characters drink and swap wives out of boredom.
This is a beguiling and hilarious tale of betrayal and recovery.”
— Dahlov Ipcar, Artist and Writer, Bath, Maine

“This story of empowerment through self-discovery encourages the reader to explore inner and
outer avenues that lead to happiness and fulfillment.”
—Patricia Varley, MHSA, national speaker and facilitator, Colorado and Hawaii
International Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Motivational
Edith Barnard, BA, MA
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