A Peoria Symphony member with stage fright that was keeping her/him from advancing to a higher
position in the Symphony.  This person is now embarking on some solo performances!

A banker with several impressive degrees whose “shyness” was keeping him from advancing.  He now
leads a team in the bank and was given a raise!

An executive who had to give a speech for his corporation.  Now in demand, he speaks for many civic

A surgeon who needed to improve his “people skills.” He is now enjoying the “people” side of his work.

A church member who wanted to read the Bible in church but was afraid to.  After taking this class, he is
reading in church once a month.

An insurance executive who had lost the passion for selling.  This class gave him a new angle on his
work and he now has many new clients.

An author launching on a book tour who was filled with fear about the talks about his book and the book
signings.  He is now completing another book and looking forward to the “schmoozing” part of the book

An artist whose agent wanted him to give talks about his work.  After taking this class, the artist is being
sought after for more speeches and due to his new found confidence, has doubled the price of the art
work and is receiving more orders than he can easily fill.

A housewife whose last child went to college and didn’t know what to do outside of being “Mom.”  She
took this class, learned some confidence skills and is now working privately with “Edie” to turn her
passion into a career.

A retiree who wanted to put “pizzazz” in a series of speeches he had scheduled in the Peoria Area.  He is
now receiving many more offers to speak than he thought possible and well known for his charismatic
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