Edith Barnard's passion is helping people find their voice and
feel comfortable on the stage of life!  
Edith is an award-
winning speaker.
“Edie” operated her own theatre in Maine for 15 years.  She
combines the best of traditional public speaking methods with a
new approach based on techniques she has used in her theatre
career for many years. Theatre techniques enable you to appear
relaxed and confident, even when your mind is reeling. The
effective public speaker is a good performer--
good speakers
are made, not born
. She helps executives, corporations and
individuals discover and enhance their voice and mission
through seminars as well as individual coaching.
She represented the US Government as a cultural ambassador
to Greece and sat on the board of the Caribbean American
Chamber of Commerce.  She returned home to Central Illinois
in June of 05 due to a death in her family and is thrilled to be
home to roost at her roots.  Her clients, many of whom work
internationally, appreciate her global experience as well as her
ability to focus on what’s right in front of them.  She is a
member of Peoria’s Downtown Rotary and sits on the boards of
the Apollo Theatre and of the Heart of Illinois American Society
of Trainers and Developers.  Her clients include Caterpillar,
OSF, Proctor Hospital, Institute of  Physical & Medical
Rehabilitation, Junior League of Peoria, L. L. Bean, The Peace
Corp, Barclay Bank, Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic
Airline…and more!  
Based in Peoria, she works world-

       6 Tips to Success!

Edith's  keynote address for groups of any size!
Edith Barnard
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