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MINGLING MAVEN Edith Barnard is excited about sharing the strategies, techniques and tools you need to enter any room and SHINE!

                                                           HOW TO WORK A ROOM-Schmooziing for Success

Learn the tools to walk into any room and shine – whether the event is social or professional, a meeting, party, reunion, PTA
committee or the Inaugural Ball. This seminar is designed to help you manage these events successfully, mingle with ease, and come
away feeling that you have accomplished your own goals, made other people feel good in the process, and have had a good time.
Most of us want to feel comfortable with other people, even strangers, and will do whatever it takes to minimize the anxiety and flow
through a crowded room with ease and grace. We want to be comfortable, and to make other people feel comfortable with us.

Identify the “roadblocks” that inhibit us from circulating with ease and comfort
Remedying each roadblock.
Strengthen confidence and project your warmth, interest and sincerity that invite people to open up.
Establishi communication, and build rapport with “strangers” with using Edith’s practical tips and strategies for starting conversations.

Contact Edith at 309-922-9058 to see how she can help you!
International Professional Speaker, Success Coach and Motivational